OoV Missions Statement

To enhance the gaming experience of Star Wars Galaxies by building a community of players while furthering the Rebellions cause.


Code of Conduct

1. Know and understand your chain of command.

2. Any in game harassment of another OoV member is grounds for dismissal.

3. Any bad mouthing of the Order or any of its members outside of the Order is prohibited. Bad mouthing is discouraged among Order members. If you have an issue with a player bring it up to an officer.

4. Any use of racial slurs, excessive swearing or vulgar behavior is grounds for dismissal. Your in game conduct is a direct reflection on the Order.

5. When a guild mate requires assistance, you must aid them when practical.

6. Meeting times and locations are classified information. Do not share them openly with any non-guild members.

7. No spaming of guild chat.

8. If you quit or have been removed from the Order you may only return with the unanimous approval of all guild officers.



1. Anyone interested in becoming an Order of Valor member must complete the New Recruit Application at www.orderofvalor.com.

2. Any potential member must be a Rebel.

3. Three members of the guild must suggest potential members for sponsorship. One of these members must be a Guild Officer.

4. All potential members must be introduced at a guild meeting before sponsorship can begin. At this time any member of the Order of Valor can ask questions of a potential member.

5. Once sponsorship has begun it will last for 30 days. After that period the Officer Council will vote to determine if that person is worthy of the Order.

6. If determined necessary, the council may place stipulations on a potential members acceptance. For example, a membership fee or mission.






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